Little Girl Teacher with Teddy Bear at Blackboard "About Me"

I am a native Arizonan but I have also lived in Wyoming and California during some of my younger years. I graduated from college with a degree in elementary education. I have three small children now and I enjoy staying home and being a mom. My children come first and because of the time they require I do not have a large amount of time to draw. However, when I do have the time to draw I very much enjoy it.


I got started drawing after being inspired by Jeannes Country Cottage . My husband bought me Paint Shop Pro 7 as a birthday gift and after alot of struggling to even draw a line we finally figured out the things I can currently do. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested to purchase the program . I can not draw a stick figure on paper but paint shop pro makes it much easier for me to be able to create art. I only hope to get better as I continue to practice.


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